Public Art reflects our societies, gives identity to our cities and reveals the uniqueness of the communities it is a part of. This Parkade built as part of the Dubai Mall expansion for EMAARwas an opportunity to undertake something creative on a larger scale that would have impact on both the residents and tourists of Dubai at one the biggest sites of the city.

It was important that the art accessed by so many people reflected the community it was a part of. So although the main theme of the artworks was transportation; the UAE and its people acted as the element that made the Art relatable. Localized elements such as calligraphy, traditional garb, indigenous flora and fauna and UAElandmarks added life to art that was mainly about traffic infrastructure and vehicles.

52 designs were selected and painted across Zabeel Mall covering 9 floors and various parking lot exits and entrances.

Client: EMAAR
2019, Dubai
Acrylic paint on wall
Different scopes and sizes

Deniz restaurant prides itself on bringing its patrons, ‘the flavor from the sea’. It’s cuisine is strict traditional Aegean, a group of islands with Greece to the west and north and turkey to the east. We wanted our art to reflect the strong traditions of the island with the profile of a woman with classical Agean features, the seascape of the islands and of course the ocean the provider of the main ingredients of the restaurant’s best dishes. All of this was reflected in our Graffiti and Murals beautifully hand painted directly on the restaurant walls, creating an impactful experience.

Client: DENIZ
Acrylic paint on wall
5 x 10 m