The first of its kind in the UAE, the international Radisson Red brand opened its doors in the Silicon Oasis. The youthful, vibrant interior and use of tech in its amenities payed homage to the digital age we live in. With branches all over the world, RR  used local artists from each nation to create art for their particular environment. Keeping the art localised and culturally appropriate while still appealing to the millenial nomad were boundaries that were observed in creating dynamic graphics that flowed all over the interior facade of the hotel.

2020, Dubai
Digital print on walls
Different scopes and sizes

Deniz restaurant prides itself on bringing its patrons, ‘the flavor from the sea’. It’s cuisine is strict traditional Aegean, a group of islands with Greece to the west and north and turkey to the east. We wanted our art to reflect the strong traditions of the island with the profile of a woman with classical Agean features, the seascape of the islands and of course the ocean the provider of the main ingredients of the restaurant’s best dishes. All of this was reflected in our Graffiti and Murals beautifully hand painted directly on the restaurant walls, creating an impactful experience.

Client: DENIZ
Acrylic paint on wall
5 x 10 m