Art and Murals for Schools & Hospitals

What artpaintingLAB does for Schools & Hospitals


Mural and Painted Art for Schools

Art for schools is special. It organizes large spaces, communicates messages and enhances the academic space experience. The art we design is carefully conceptualized with the child’s height and age in mind. We try to create art and paint murals that are subtle and enhances the learning experience in an organic, mind opening effort. The art is supposed to create calm so children can spend time evolving their own creativity. Schools can differentiate themselves with meaningful murals and art that instill their values in student’s minds. Our muralists have wide experience painting schools in UAE, Abu Dhabi, and Dubai. So let’s evoke and not just simply portray!

“Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.” (Pablo Picasso)

Dubai Murals Canvas Illustration Painting


Incorporating art in hospital’s interior design and decor is beneficial to the entire medical facility from patient, to doctor to visiting families. It creates moments of calm and comfort and tends to the emotional experience of everyone frequenting the facility. Our artist team understands how to make a space like a hospital less intimidating and more inviting. We paint murals and paintings for pediatric units, waiting areas, dentist ceilings. The quality of our paint is hospital grade and our painting timings are very flexible. Hospitals in Dubai and the region can benefit greatly from superb murals in the hallways, the hospital lobbies, and beautiful paintings around the hospital venue. Let’s be courageous and paint something meaningful. “Creativity takes Courage” (Henri Matisse)

Dubai Murals Canvas Illustration Painting