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Dubai | UAE
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About Us

artpaintingLAB group of artists

Fine Art, Graffiti, Murals and Paintings

Why Are We Here?

artpaintingLAB (formerly Lateral Passage) was founded in Dubai by Sam Kaufman Saliba in 2007, who, passionate about art, her goal was to bring art to the region.  Sam relocated to New York City in 2010 for 5 years only to come back to Dubai after experiencing and seeing some of the best and most authentic street art on the streets of New York and the most amazing art exhibitions in the city.  As soon as she came back to Dubai, Sam then reinvigorated the company and began gathering a group of talented rising star artists to form an amazing team of multidisciplinary visual artists. Her goal now was to become the leading group of artists / studio in Dubai to serve the needs of the industry, art consultants, interior designers, hotels and restaurants as well as public art in the beautiful city of Dubai, Abu Dhabi, the UAE and the rest of the Gulf region. 

We are a happy team of artists, graffiti artists, painters, visual artists and happy people who come together to curate, create and inspire.

Our Quality

Fine art is timeless. Quality today is quality tomorrow! If your graffiti mural or your art selection is custom made by us, we will design creatively and execute seamlessly. We have adopted an on-going artistic critic process that ensures our clients, be it hotels, art consultants, interior designers home owners, schools, restaurants or hospitals receive a seamless experience and top quality artwork painting, mural and graffiti that guarantees their full satisfaction.


We are a flexible team. We will deliver what our clients need by considering our abilities, the quality of our service, available time and the agreed budget.  We understand projects have some limitations sometimes, such as having to paint the graffiti artwork at night hours or during construction.  We interact with the contractor on site and provide top quality and seamless graffiti and mural execution and installation, be it large paintings, stencil graffiti, canvas paintings or any other sort of artwork requirement.

Exceptional Service

Your satisfaction is paramount to us. Our graffiti artists, muralists, painters and art directors want your highest recommendation. We want your experience with us to be exceptional. We are here in Dubai, steps away from Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ras Al Khaimah or elsewhere in the UAE. We are also less than 1 hour flight to the other GCC countries. Our promise is to be here for you before and after we complete our work. Some artwork and paintings may require touch-ups, renovation or maintenance and we are here to support you.


A powerful thing happens when great ideas, a guided process and skilled hands work together. You thought it! Great work! We never work in isolation of our clients, we align ourselves to your idea and requirements, we continuously provide you with updates on your paintings or murals and we finally successfully deliver. We also collaborate with non resident artists on various projects that we curate.

Why choose artpaintingLAB for graffiti murals and artworks?

We are comprised of a skilled team of in-house resident and partner visual artists that have remarkable experience executing more than 1000 large graffiti murals and paintings in Dubai, UAE, and the Gulf region to reputable clients.

We incorporate a process sketch and process checklists to keep us all focused on delivering great work. We nailed the way we research, present, and deliver our work to ensure an organized experience, ample progress information and a truly dedicated service to the interior designers, art consultants, and other clients.

Our clients can vouch for our reliability delivering seamless graffiti, murals, paintings and other artwork for a variety of projects, such as artwork for hotels, graffiti for restaurants, art for restaurants, residential artwork, model homes art and paintings, curating artwork and executing painting for airports, schools, offices etc…

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We are connected

The creation of artwork is an event, itself. 

Call us for any Graffiti, Mural, or canvass painting requirements for your hotel, restaurant, model homes or any other place; we are the leading organized team of artists in Dubai.